Eye Emergencies & Infections

The Vision Gallery can provide a wide array of treatments for eye infection and disease– many of which are covered by Alberta Health.

Pinkeye (conjunctivitis)

Irritation and swelling of a membrane layer of the eye and eyelid, causing redness and discharge. Pinkeye has many causes including viral, bacterial and environmental. Viral pinkeye is easy to spread– limit its impact by treating it with the help of our experts.

Bacterial/Viral Infections

Eye infections, both viral and bacterial, are much less severe when given prompt care. Different types need different treatments, so it is important to consult with an eye health professional. Symptoms are varied but can include pain, sensitivity, discharge and limited vision.

Foreign Objects

Eyes are delicate, but life does not always handle us delicately. Foreign objects can enter the eye, creating infection and irritation. The longer a foreign object is left in an eye, the more damage it can cause– Alberta Health deems the removal of foreign objects from the eye as medically necessary.


Seasonal and environmental allergies can cause an itchy sensation in the eyes, as well as redness and watering. Allergy sufferers know how debilitating this can be, so do yourself a favour this season and consult with The Vision Gallery to help treat your allergy symptoms.

Dry Eye Treatments

Like most eye and vision issues, dry eyes can have many causes. Our professionals can help identify the source of your dry eyes and the most efficient treatment.
Medically Necessary

Alberta Health covers immediate treatment “for a medical condition, episode of illness or trauma.” Some examples:

  • Infection or injury,
  • Foreign object,
  • Sudden changes to vision,
  • Sudden pain.

Remember, the final say on what is deemed necessary is up to the optometrist that performs the procedure. Make sure to ask your doctor before any exam begins to be sure of any costs.

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