Contact Lenses

Whether you are a long-time glasses wearer looking for a change or a first-timer that just can’t decide on the right frames– contact lenses may be your answer. Contacts offer a clean look, clear vision and total convenience, with several styles and features from which to choose.

Contact Lens Fitting

If you are considering contacts, The Vision Gallery offers contact lens consulting, fitting and training for patients of all ages and needs. Advances in technology have allowed for thinner, lighter and more comfortable contacts suitable for a wide variety of vision problems.

The Vision Gallery charges a one-time fitting fee, but this includes a free trial that allows you to select and test a wide variety of contact lenses. Once you have worked with our consultants to find the most comfortable and convenient option for you, we will provide you with a complete course in contact lens usage and care.


Contact Lens Training

Our contact lens course includes hands-on training and guidance from our highly skilled professionals in the following:

  • Proper storage and care,
  • Regular cleaning and upkeep,
  • Safe insertion, adjustment and removal,
  • And common mistakes, problems and troubleshooting.

While most core vision costs are covered by health insurance, some plans may even cover contact lens fitting. Ask your Vision Gallery professional and check with your provider to ensure you are not paying out of pocket unnecessarily.

So visit The Vision Gallery and consult with our experts and doctors to address any concerns you may have about contact lens fitting or contact lenses in general. We are here to help you see comfortably!

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