From start to finish, the Vision Gallery team offers its clients a complete range of eye care services. Please see our list of services below.

Designer Eyewear

Picking the right frame requires a knowledgeable optician to know what suits you, your lifestyle, and your prescription.  We will help you pick the frame that fits you properly, works best for your prescription, and of course, looks great on you.

Contact Lenses

Whether you want contacts for everyday wear, occasional sports, or a different color of eyes for fun, we can help you out.

Eye Emergencies & Infections

Choosing which is better, one or two, has gotten easier with new technology.  We can easily show you the right choices and compare to old
prescriptions to show you differences.  Not to mention, our brand new chart can play movies for kids which makes some tests easy to complete

Disease and Medically Necessary Eye Exams

Digital photography has affected all of us.  In eye care, it allows us to capture high quality images of normal or unhealthy eyes and keep them as records, email them to specialists, or compare over time.

Insurance & Billing FAQ

Peripheral vision is important to all of us.  We use it when we are driving, playing sports, or even walking down the stairs.  It can be affected by glaucoma, strokes, and other serious problems.  Being able to test for it allows us to make sure your vision and neurological system are working properly

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