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Skaga Eyewear EdmontonSkaga eyewear has been in business since 1948, and after looking at their frames, it is easy to see why. By meshing Swedish modern design with acetate, flattering frame shapes and classic colors, Skaga has created a line of eyewear that will never go out of style.

Each pair of Skaga prescription lens frames are carefully manufactured in order to last for many years. They come in both men’s and women’s sizes and styles, and in a series of solid colors. Some of the frames feature squared-off lenses, while others fall into the rounded-off square categories, although the one thing that you won’t see is a crazy, off the wall style or color. Color is represented, but in a more muted format, and neutral shades dominate.

Skaga is owned by Scandinavian Eyewear, and is designed by a team that includes Gustav Kristensson, Anna Mälstad, Eva-Lena Bäckstöm and Carina Mollsjö. Together they create each new pair of frames that goes into the line, down to the color choices for each frame. Yes, once you have settled on a particular shape and frame, you then get to choose which of five or six color choices you would like them in. Which ones will you go for?

THE VISION GALLERY has a great selection of Skaga Eyewear.

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