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Back in 1985, Rudy Barbazza had a vision. His vision entailed the improvement of performance eyewear worn by athletes around the world. With his love for style, commitment to quality, and his strive for growth, Rudy set his vision in motion.

By working closely with athletes and investing countless hours of research towards new technologies, Rudy Project is able to design and manufacture performance eyewear that not only breaks barriers, but creates a product that athletes enjoy wearing.

Rudy Project’s manufacturers frames for both men and women, in a variety of styles, colours, and functionalities. The majority of their frames are sport-specific for activities such as golf, racing, driving, and shooting, with olympic-grade frames available. Their lineup also includes multi-purpose frames which are designed for general athletic use, rather than one specific sport. However, if sports are not your focus, Rudy Project now offers optical glasses, geared towards everyday use. With such a diverse frame lineup, Rudy Project has something for everyone.

Sport Performance



Gozen Crystal Frames in Multilaser Orange



Guardyan Matte Black with Impactx Photopolarized Grey Lenses

Karboneye White Carbon with Impactx Photochromic Clear Lenses


Jazz Shock Sunset Orange with Multilaser Orange Lenses

Sabotage Dark Chrome Frame in Laser Black

Fluo Sunglasses

Rydon Green Fluo with Multilaser Green Lenses

Noyz Pink Fluo Limited with Multilaser Blue Lenses

Rudy Girl

Sunflower Diamonds Raspberry Deg with Brown Lenses

Rydon Ii Silver with Multilaser Blue Lenses


Spyllo Suf Gunmetal Frame Grey/bordeaux with Shape B Demo Lenses

Spyllo Rimless

Chrome Grey/lime with Shape A Demo Lenses


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