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It all began in 1979 when l.a.Eyeworks co-owners, Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds, opened up their first shop in, you guessed it, Los Angeles. The two would go on to create eyewear full of bold colours and shapes, adding a spark of personality to those who wore their frames. As a company, l.a.Eyeworks is motivated to create eyewear that enables consumers to express their individual charm through the glasses they chose to wear.

At l.a.Eyeworks, designers create their frames using a multitude of materials, colours, and styles, from flashy to professional, with something for both men and women.

Gigantor frames are made of handcrafted plastic with metal arms, available in six different colour combinations ranging from neon orange to black. Multiple celebrities including Sir Elton John have been spotted wearing these modern frames.

The Flying Wallendas frames are produced with stainless steel accented by deep etching. The different colour options, such as liquid green (pictured), create a look that is unforgettable.

l.a.Eyeworks took a vintage circular architectural design and made it new. These glasses are made with handcrafted plastic and come in six different colour combinations.


Uniquely shaped plastic frames blend modern style with vintage design language, offered in six different colour combinations.

New and old blend flawlessly with these plastic modern, vintage-styled frames, available in five colour combinations.

These square frames have a funky metallic build made from perforated stainless steel. These frames come in eight unique colour combinations which create a very individual look.


Made with handcrafted plastic, these Fortuna frames bring you back in time with their unique vintage look, available in dry mustard and green stripe.

l.a.Eyeworks created a individual look with these Puri sunglasses. By combining bold yet subtle colours and lightweight titanium, these frames are sure to turn heads.

THE VISION GALLERY has a great selection of L.A. Eyeworks Eyewear.

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