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Kliik Eyewear EdmontonKliik Eyewear is based in Denmark, and represents the creative side of Scandinavian modern design. Although many of their frame shapes have been seen before, their unique use of color and original details make their eyewear stand out from the pack.

The idea behind Kliik Eyewear is the concept of “clicking” together. This is why they have created a number of flattering frames for both men and women so that they can “pair up” providing established couples with eyeglasses that practically match as well as they do.

Of course, some of the classic designs made by Kliik are turned into unusual ones, thanks to the colors and patterns that they come in. Some are dark blue with bright blue accents, or purple with wavy lines that look almost like a water marbled pattern on the earpieces. Each style is available in your choice of four different colors.

Despite the unique color patterns, all of their frames are made out of either stainless steel or acetate, in order to make them consistently sturdy. Try on a pair and you will see how Kliik frames can be both fashionable and classic at the same time. It’s not the color that matters – it’s how well you “Kliik” with the frames.

THE VISION GALLERY has a great selection of Kliik Eyewear.

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