Cogan Eyewear

Cogan eyewear holds true to their three main principles: eyewear that is precise, distinct and a pleasure to wear.

Some of Yves Cogan’s designs are architectural and contain a number of distinct features that cannot be found on other eyeglass frames, while others are simply colorful. No matter what, they are comfortable, well-fitting and are made following a very precise set of procedures in order to produce quality frames every time.

Before founding Cogan eyewear, Yves Cogan worked in marketing for a different eyewear brand. This left him with a number of ideas for improvements and interesting designs that he implemented in 1994 when he founded Cogan.

Not only is each design unique, but the frames are produced in small quantities and sold only through certain eyewear professionals’ offices, including Vision Galley.

There are separate lines of Cogan frames for both men and women, and each have a select number of different styles. Within these styles, there are three to four different color choices. You may not have a lot of choose from, but what is there is the quality, distinction and care that go into designing and manufacturing each pair of glasses.

What does your Cogan eyewear say about you?

YC 2243

YC 2244

YC 2252

YC 2253

YC 2254

YC 2266

YC 2267

YC 2268

YC 2270

YC 2271

YC 2272

YC 2287

YC 2309

YC 2321

YC 2323

THE VISION GALLERY has a great selection of Cogan Eyewear.

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