Everything You Need to Know About Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription safety goggles

The majority of eye injuries can be prevented with the use of protective eyewear. Don’t put yourself at risk – read on to learn more about prescription safety glasses and how they help protect your vision!

The Difference Between Safety Glasses and Regular Eyeglasses

The main difference between protective eyewear and regular eyeglasses is that safety glasses and goggles must conform to a higher standard of regulations. There are regulations for both the lenses and the frames. While safety glasses can still have prescription or non-prescription lenses, regular eyeglasses do not qualify as safety glasses. These requirements are put in place by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, and help to greatly decrease the risk of on-the-job-injuries.

Testing Protective Eyewear

All safety glasses are put through a series of tests to ensure they are up to standard.

Test #1: High Mass Impact

During this test, a one-inch diameter steel projectile is dropped from 50 inches onto a lens mounted in a frame worn by an artificial head form. In order to pass, the lens can’t pop out of the frame, and no frame pieces can become detached.

Test #2: Durability

This tests for flame and corrosion resistance, as well as other durability tests.

Test #3: High Velocity Impact

This test involves shooting a small steel ball at the lens and frame at 150 feet per second from a distance of 10 inches. It’s repeated multiple times at different angles and positions to ensure it can handle the impact.

Polycarbonate: The Only Suitable Lens Material

It’s the strongest material with regards to impact resistance, and is extremely lightweight. A scratch resistance coating can be applied and most have built in UV protection. It is 12 Times more impact resistant than standard eyewear lenses.

Protect Your Eyes

If you require prescription safety glasses for your job, make sure to speak with your company safety officer to ensure you are meeting any company specific requirements. Once you know your requirements, contact The Vision Gallery to get your prescription lenses ordered!

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