GLARE BEWARE: 4 Reasons to Choose Anti-Reflective Lenses

anti glare lens coating

Add-ons such as coatings and treatments for corrective lenses may seem too dear a cost when your health care budget is on the line. While that’s understandable, you must consider the savings represented by ensuring the glasses wearer has clear vision for years to come. Curious about the benefits of anti-reflective lenses? Consult Vision Gallery’s crash course below.

#1: Eye strain is caused by your eyes overworking and tiring out the muscles involved in seeing clearly. With non-reflective lenses, your eyes spend more time focusing on and avoiding glares, reflections and other tricks of light that impact vision. A quality anti-reflective (AR) or anti-glare coatings are proven to help reduce eyestrain in many conditions, including behind the wheel and under harsh lighting.

#2: Visibility can be limited due to the halos and glare that appear around lights when wearing glasses at night. Almost all vision correction benefits from improved night-vision when treated with an AR coating with most wearers reporting significant eyestrain relief and higher visibility. Invest in safety and comfort with a durable anti-glare treatment on your next lenses.

#3: Clear vision is often taken for granted by those without any need for glasses or contacts. As those of us that require corrective lenses know, sharp vision is worth every penny. All the more reason to spend a few extra dollars for AR or anti-glare coating, as wearers report a wider field of view, clearer detail and more vivid experiences.

#4: Eyes are the window to the soul- glare works both ways, obscuring your vision and your eyes from the people that see your face everyday. Don’t close the windows, let people see your beautiful, expressive eyes! Anti-glare or AR coatings will ensure your glasses stay crystal clear from both sides.

Taken individually, these may not seem like major factors- but add them all up and the cost of adding an anti-reflective coating may not seem as steep. Questions? Concerns? Contact or visit The Vision Gallery today!

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