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Dr. Dien-Fong: The Solar Eclipse and Your Eyes

Julie Dien-Fong is an optometrist at The Vision Gallery in North Edmonton. The solar eclipse is coming up this Monday August 21st and I want to help keep everyone’s eyes safe! Did you know? Did you know it is never safe to stare at the sun without proper […]

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New Glasses in 4 Simple Steps

Is this your first time purchasing glasses? Never fear, The Vision Gallery is here to help nervous or new buyers of corrective lenses with our handy 4-step guide to getting a new pair of glasses. Read on for more! Step 1: The Prescription Visit your preferred optometrist […]

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GLARE BEWARE: 4 Reasons to Choose Anti-Reflective Lenses

Add-ons such as coatings and treatments for corrective lenses may seem too dear a cost when your health care budget is on the line. While that’s understandable, you must consider the savings represented by ensuring the glasses wearer has clear vision for years to come. Curious about […]

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5 Tips for Finding Children’s Glasses

Picking out glasses isn’t always easy- and it can be even more sensitive when it comes to finding a pair for a child. Keep reading for Vision Gallery’s top five tips to prioritize when selecting glasses for children young and old. #5: Fit is the most important […]

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Why You Should Have 2 Pairs of Glasses

Glasses can be expensive, so it’s understandable why many people don’t want to purchase more than they need to! However, investing in an extra or second pair of glasses can have a lot of benefits!  Read on to learn why you should consider having two pairs of […]

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Eye Exercises: Can Your Vision Ever Improve?

Wearing glasses or contacts can be a hassle at times, but you do it every day because it helps you see. But can your vision ever improve? There are claims out there about eye exercises and how they can help you do away with your glasses forever! […]

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CONTACTS: Daily Disposables vs. Monthly Disposables

The choice between whether you choose to wear daily or monthly contact lenses ultimately comes down to personal preference. Each type lends itself to a slightly different lifestyle. Read on to learn the differences between daily disposable contacts and monthly disposable contacts, and some of the pros […]

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How Your Vision Changes as You Age

As we age, we naturally start to lose some of the visual abilities we had when we were younger. While aesthetically they may look the same, there are lots of changes going on inside your eyes. Read on to learn about the subtle, and not so subtle […]

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Effects of Binge-Watching Tv on Your Eyes

According to Statista, the average 18-49 year old Canadian will spend 19.5 hours per week watching TV. Exposing our bodies, and specifically our eyes, to that much television can cause a multitude of problems, ranging from minor annoyances to more serious health conditions. Read on to learn […]

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Why is Proper Lighting Important for Reading?

                  A common myth is that reading in the dark can cause permanent damage to your eyes. While studies have shown that permanent damage is not caused by reading in poor lighting, there are many short term effects that […]

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